Posted on Jun 23, 2015
Our Club & Community
  Los Barriles is a small Mexican town on the Baja peninsula and Sea of Cortes 70 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. The population fluctuates with the seasons and is comprised of about two-thirds local Mexicans and one third foreign residents from the USA, Canada and Europe. Our beautiful community is known around the world for its safety and tranquility, big game fishing, boatingkite boarding and wind surfing, temperate climate, and the friendliest people you have ever met. Come visit us, for a day, a month, or a lifetime.
The needs of a Mexican community can be great. Our community's challenges include poverty, a minimal education system, isolation, health issues and inadequate potable water systems.
The service area for the Rotary Club of Los Barriles Cabo Este includes the town of Los Barriles and approximately 100 square miles of the surrounding East Cape, and all the small towns, mountainous ranchos, valley farms and beachfront tourist facilities found here. Chartered in 2005, our club is a diverse mix of ex-pat retirees, local Mexican entrepreneurs, and many who simply want to make a difference.
During our first nine years the Rotary Club of Los Barriles Cabo Este has spent $400,000 USD on area service. ImageSignificant projects included Dengue mosquito eradication,  rebuilding homes after Hurricane John, creation of a computer lab for the middle school, provision of interactive white boards and computers for the elementary school, renovation of student dormitories (albergues) for children who live too far from school to commute daily, continued maintenance of the community fountain, health and wellness screening, treatment, and education for children and adults alike, and creation of community technology centers that offers free computer use, internet access, with supervision and assistance for students and adults.
We successfully completed several projects during our 2015/2016 season
  • Expanded of the Rotary Technology Center by increasing hours of operation and adding additional computers
  • Provided disaster relief during hurricane season, including ongoing relief for families impacted by Hurricane Odile
  • Maintained the community fountain as a welcoming introduction to our community
  • Continued the renovation of the La Ribera, Santiago, and San Antonio albergues to improve the quality of life and self-confidence of children
  • Distributed 350 healthful water filtration systems to individual ranchos in our East Cape area
Diabetes Screening
Students completing homework at Rotary Technology Center


A Rotary International Global Grant application for Children's Passport to Health was funded in May 2014 and continues today
The Children's Passport to Health provides area children with annual physicals, dental exams, and treatment as necessary. A majority of the local children now can receive regular health checkups and many of the conditions which had gone untreated are now being addressed. Grant funds were used to purchase needed diagnostic equipment, and our East Cape Urgent Care clinic now reaches out to all communities in East Cape with regular screenings twice a year in their pueblos.
Our new season 2016/2017 projects include:
  • Continue renovations to upgrade local pueblo albergues (children's dormitories)
  • Open Tech Centers in surrounding pueblos similar to the Los Barriles Tech Center that provides Internet access to local students
  • Continue our Healthful Water project o provide and ensure clean water for all residents of East Cape
  • Continue support and planning for medical screenings for all local residents in their home towns
  • Seek grants and assistance from local donors and Rotary clubs to fund projects like our healthful water efforts
‚ÄčFunding Sources
In response to the limited financial resources available locally, the Rotary Club of Los Barriles Cabo Este reaches across borders for support. Donations in both time and money from Rotary Clubs and individuals in the USA, as well as Rotary International Global Grants have allowed us to seek and complete significant community service projects. Additional funding is received each year when our club hosts a five day international wind kiting competition and festival, Lord of the Wind. Every January both professional and amateur athletes come from around the world to compete for prizes and prestige. Tourists and locals gather to watch the events and participate in parties and auctions to help support the work of Rotary.