Dear community members, city and community leaders, and nonprofit leadership,
We are all aware of the devastating fire which crippled the community of Santiago last week. Like all disasters when they first occur, rumors spread like wildfire and it took a while for the disaster to settle down before the actual damage could be ascertained. One of our members; Rotarian and 2-time past president Josefina Ruiz, was born and raised in Santiago. She’s been able to communicate with Santiago leaders to get a true picture of the actual damage done to the community.
Initially the estimated loss was rumored to be over 40 homes. Well, as the smoke settled we got the good news -- if there is ever any good news to losses like these, yet 5 homes were completely destroyed and 7 more suffered some degree of damage. The outpouring of donations from our communities and local government were initially encouraging. Cabo County Government immediately promised to replace the homes that were completely lost. But that still leaves seven families whose homes are damaged to some degree.
Past Rotary President Josefina Ruiz who grew up in Santiago is working with the Santiago leadership, and has been able to create a list of what is currently needed. But however accurate a list is today, it’s always out of date tomorrow. Every day brings another shortage we were unprepared for. Each day brings us closer to a return to the comfort and security these families once knew and will again with your help. As more private sector donations and government assistance arrive, we will still have to address new needs on a daily basis.
With the fire less serious than was first reported, Club Rotario has stepped up and taken the lead in providing services and goods needed for the people and homes in distress. A local neighbor and ReMax realtor, Mike Dahl, has created a GOFUNDME account so anyone can contribute to this humanitarian cause. We can augment costs with the communities using the GoFundMe account Simply go to  Together we can put this disaster behind us.  Questions? Contact Josefina Ruiz at or Ken Phillips at or Chris Geyer at
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Josefina Ruiz, Chris Geyer, Ken Phillips
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