Posted by Steve Reed on Apr 03, 2019
Club Rotario Los Barriles Cabo de Este
After the three meetings with the club (one with the club in entirety, one with boards from current and next year, and one open to the entire club), the following lists of projects are those that have been identified and considered for our three to five-year vision.  We will continue to assess the needs / seek the areas where we can “…meet the health and wellbeing needs of the East Cape community with a focus on the youth…”.  The projects listed below are those identified within these meetings on how we can help our community within the 3 pillars that we have identified:  Education, Healthcare, and Fitness. Thank you to all who worked so hard on this map for our future.
Ken Phillips
Jean'e Harkleroad
  • Cafeteria for secondary school ($50k):  Pending
  • Computers for Secondary school ($5k)
  • Monterey Institute (Amount to be determined)
  • Student Exchange Program (Amount to be determined)
  • English Classes for students:  Possibility of assisting with a community interaction at no cost to the club
  • University Scholarships?
  • Annual children's health screening
  • Ophthalmology vision program (cost $35k) provide free eye care and glasses to local kids under 18
  • Lab equipment:  X-Ray for Clinic ($51k, $10k already paid), Dry Chemistry analyzer, measuring electrolytes, cholesterol, sugars etc. ($13k), CBC instrument for hematology ($9k), A1C for diabetes testing ($2k), Surgical lights on tract (6k)
  • Ambulance, to replace 1993 relic ($110k)
  • Provide training to add to our paramedic resources
  • Improvements to Public Centro de Salud (Amount to be determined)
  • Provide free medicines to the community (Amount to be determined)
FITNESS / COMMUNITY PROJECTS (with focus on youth)
  • Move the existing Soccer / Baseball / Track field to the municipal properties (Amount to be determined – up to $20k)  Joint with Gov’t and other community organizations.
  • El Ancon Athletic / Community Center ($150k) Long term, future uncertain
  • Expansion of the multi-use sports facilities at Laguna Park (Depending on community interest)
  • El Cardinal Orphanage (Amount to be determined)
  • Interact Projects (Ongoing, Amount to be determined)