Hi All,
Marty’s niece sent me this press release this morning. I had not seen it.
The building dedication was yesterday early evening. A very touching event for me. Lots of folks were there. Many we knew and a lot I did not know. I’ll send some pictures later.
We miss you all,
Jack R. Lentz, CFE
Annex Brands, Inc.
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Well done!  I remember Aunt Marty talking about this as a possibility.  I am glad to see you were able to make it happen.
I have been thinking about you.  Do you have time for dinner sometimes soon?  I hope all is well.
Marty and Jack Lentz Gift
September 7, 2017
Sharp Rees-Stealy Employees, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
Stacey Hrountas, CEO, Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Centers; Bill Littlejohn, CEO and Senior VP, Sharp HealthCare Foundation
Marty and Jack Lentz Gift
We are pleased to announce that Sharp HealthCare Foundation will be receiving a $2 million contribution from Marty and Jack Lentz for the benefit of Sharp Rees-Stealy, the largest individual gift designated for Sharp Rees-Stealy since we began our philanthropy initiative more than a decade ago.
Jack and his late wife Marty have been extraordinarily generous, supporting several causes in San Diego and Baja California.  Prior to the legacy gift through their trust, Marty and Jack have given more than $50,000 for Sharp Rees-Stealy capital and technology projects and honored numerous caregivers as Guardian Angels. 
In recognition of their generosity, Sharp will name the downtown clinic the Sharp Rees-Stealy Marty & Jack Lentz Medical Center.
We want to especially thank Dr. Charles Schuetz for his work with Marty and Jack over the years and encouraging and stewarding their long-standing support.  Dr. Schuetz was the Foundation’s first Sharp Rees-Stealy philanthropy champion and this gift is part of his legacy as well.
Congratulations to the physicians, nurses and staff of Sharp Rees-Stealy for being the recipients of  Marty and Jack Lentz’ grateful giving, and providing The Sharp Experience of caring each and every day.